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The heart of our mission is to create better lives by providing the highest
quality science-backed nutraceuticals for people to thrive.

We know sleep is the foundation of life and that tomorrow's best stimulant is a quality sleep tonight.

Sleep& be the best version of you.

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Meet our authority on nutritional medicine

Rachel Cunard

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Rachel is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and understanding needed to achieve optimal health.

As nutrients are integral to every biochemical process and pathway within the body, Rachel is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements that are both cost-effective and accessible. This is where LifeLab&Co comes in.

I want to give people the nutraceuticals and building blocks that allow them to build a strong foundation to live the best lives that they can. Starting with one of the most important pillars of health - Sleep.

Sleep is the foundation you need to start building a stronger and healthier life.

Sleep& make a better life for yourself.

Rachel x

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